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Pristine Prosperity For All

Below is an alphabetical list of national policy I'd be happy to implement once elected as your congressman. We are constantly adding new policy, so in case you don't see what you are looking for feel free to email the campaign through the contact page.



  • Affordable Housing. An absolute requirement if we want to see America get back on track to pristine prosperity. When we develop affordable housing, it needs to be more permanent structures that won't become dilapidated after a decade. We should also include green energy facets to these housing projects to lessen the environmental impact human living has on the planet while also lessening the utility bill for the residents. When you have to pay more for rent than your stately neighbors you are put at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to affording other necessities in life such as child care and health insurance. The cost of housing is growing twice as fast as wages; 11 million Americans spend half of their paycheck on rent (almost twice as much as they should be). Yet, we expect these same folks to save 10% of their income and afford health insurance. If an individual who works 40 hours a week on minimum wage still can't afford an apartment then we have a problem. Social mobility can be reignited through robust investment in affordable housing. 

  • Banking Practices. Our leaders have time and time again spoiled our collective good fortune. In the aftermath of the 1929 Stock Market Crash and the emerging dumpster fire we now call the Great Depression leaders of the time passed the Glass-Steagall Act. This law put necessary barriers between investment & commercial banks. The overzealous high risk involvement of commercial banks in the stock market led to the crash and drove millions of Americans to the brink of financial ruin, starvation, and homelessness. The banks guided our turn of the century prosperity into almost absolute extinction. I refuse to let that happen again, yet our current leaders are trying everything possible to ensure it does happen again. In November of 1999, Congress replaced the Glass-Steagal Act with the spineless Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act which once again allowed commercial banks free rein in investment banking activities. Then in 2008, almost on cue, the Great Recession occurs due to subprime lending and incoherent investment risk by the commercial banks. We the taxpayer spent billions bailing out the despicable and disposable likes of companies such as AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Fortis, and others. Bankers claim their industry is more transparent than before. I beg to differ. Bankers also claim because of the lax nature we now have towards commercial infiltration of investment activities that they can diversify and lessen the risk of failure. However, history proves otherwise. Bankers have continuously spoiled their own good fortune every time we grant them slack and their mistakes are so grave it impacts every Americans wallet book and bottom line. I say rope them in before the Great Recession of 2022 becomes the Great Depression of the 21st Century. I am terrified about being right on this because based on current trends a recession will occur and many American families do not have the means of surviving this next one even remotely comfortably. I will push for additional oversight of commercial banking practices in investment activities and revisit placing caps on banks ability to source too much of their income off of securities. 

  • Cannabis Legalization- I would legalize cannabis federally. Our businesses in legal states are being beaten by our brothers from Canada to the north since they have relaxed the laws federally, and we are also empowering the cartels to the south in Mexico by allowing them to generate profit off of cannabis instead of small businesses. If there is even a 1% chance cannabis contains the elements to cure a brain degenerative disease then that is a risk I'm willing to take. 

  • CBD. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of 100+ remarkable cannabinoids produced by cannabis. It is non-psychoactive and has been found to reduce anxiety, muscle inflammation, and some patients even claim reduction in epileptic episodes. Unfortunately due to zero regulation a lot of underground products have found there way onto store shelves hurting patients. There should be consumer protections covering CBD products to prevent this abuse. Full disclosure I have sold CBD products of my own ranging from bath bombs, lip balm, lotions, concentrates, edibles, and e-juice/vape. I will also occasionally use CBD lotion myself for muscle pain. 

  • Congressional Pay. Ever wonder how much a Congressman actually makes? Annual, it comes out to $179,000. I believe that is a highly unrealistic number based on the stagnant growth of the American people. If elected, I promise to target Congressional pay and pass legislation to conform Congressional salary to be equal to that of the average American household income. A Congressman should only be as successful as his constituents. Whatever arbitrary measures the major political party's used to designate themselves that high pay must be thrown out entirely.

  • Cryptocurrency. Currently the market is so fraudulent that I liken it more to gambling than actual investing. That being said, the industry most certainly can change. The market itself has fluctuated drastically sliding down below $150 billion from topping out near $900 billion. I'm very interested in how the Chinese, Iranian and Russian spy networks utilize cryptocurrency and methods of tracing/following transactions which is possible, just difficult. Very useful method of instantly transmitting funds across the planet to US assets and personnel requiring encrypted, secretive assistance. More test and environmental controls required, however. Full disclosure I have used Bitcoin as well as about 5 other types of cryptocurrency, however currently have $0 "invested" in the market.

  • Infastructure. Everyone has their own number for how much this overall will cost, but we all agree it is in the trillions. Here in Colorado alone we are looking at $4 billion in water treatment investment over the next decade. Toss is roads, airports, rails and Colorado alone is looking at a bill it can't swallow. Expand the frame nationally and it is the same for every state. How did every state fail to prepare for future infrastructure investment? Our overseas wars have left us asleep at the wheel when it comes to infrastructure. Flint, Michigan was neither the start nor the end of America's water woes and we need to invest now for the sake of our children and elderly. Economic growth can be interrupted by infrastructure attrition. We already need an additional 20,000 tower workers to help establish our 5G network and develop another 100,000 jobs in the cellular network industry over the next decade. A vigorous nationwide apprenticeship program will train the next generation of America's tower workers and other infrastructure occupations to ensure we have the appropriate capabilities to catapult our economy beyond the 2030's.      

  • LGBTQ+. Federal protection of LGBTQ+ groups is a must. When I lived in Indiana, current Vice President Mike Pence was governor and he viciously targeted LGBTQ groups from even organizing. On top of present day assaults on LGBTQ+ rights, past events from Stonewall to the brutal vitriol thrown at politician/activist Harvey Milk have cemented the fact protections are necessary. Not only should LGBTQ+ couples be allowed to achieve martial status, I believe it is in the best interest of the Federal government to assist the fertility market in bringing cost down for those attempting to start a new family. The government shouldn't cover the immediate cost of fertility, however there is a serious issue that for some fertility can cost $52,000 and others less than $1,000. The Federal government should investigate this disparity and find market solutions to bringing the cost of fertility down. We all deserve to have a family and someone to love. No parent should have to max out 3 credit cards just to experience the joy and tender affection that comes with raising your own child.

  • Mental Health. The stigma surrounding mental health must be vanquished. As a society, we have never adequately addressed mental health and often times treat those diagnosed more like animals than our fellow humans. Because of this inhumane treatment, many who understand they are suffering from a mental disorder never come forward until it is too late for current treatments to assist the individual in properly coping and healing. On another level, many who have a mental illness are never aware of their symptoms. A larger national mechanism is required for ensuring a well funded network of mental health experts and crisis management professionals are on call/available in a timely manner. Accessibility to therapy must be more pronounced in society and the stigma surrounding therapy struck down. Therapy is often the first step to coming to terms with a mental illness and can prevent exacerbation of symptoms. The cost of mental health is less than the cost of not dealing with mental health. 



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