Policy for Building Pristine Prosperity

Constructing a Colorado for All

  • Environmental Protections. Colorado's immaculate natural beauty and wildlife deserve Federal protection. Certain wildlife, from grey wolves and greater sage grouse, demand our immediate attention as their viability is an indicator to the health of an ecosystem as a whole. I support legislation such as the Colorado Wilderness Act to help implement those protections. Federal tax incentives passed on to small inner Rocky Mountain communities will help these areas develop without scarring and ruining the land.  

  • Green Energy. As a former solar energy sales consultant, I understand the benefits of the tax credit programs and refunds available through current government policy. These programs are absolutely necessary for expanding and developing our green energy future as the industry continues to explore more cost-effective materials and systems for capturing the energy from sunlight. We can also expand on wind and geothermal energy sources as we continue to faze out coal and pollutant spewing methods of energy production. Another milestone needing achievement is the investment in our workforce to transition them from fossil fuel occupations to green energy careers. Apprenticeship programs not only assist in the larger picture of closing the wage gap, but also empower the worker to make that crucial jump from dirty to clean energy.

  • Hartsel, CO. Hartsel is a small, unincorporated community near Spinney Mountain State Park along Highway 24. Due to their unincorporated status, very few if any of their tax dollars get returned and spent locally. The road has been mismanaged terribly by Park County authorities to the point every time it rains/snow melts the stores along Highway 24 flood. Thanks to the pollution of Antero Reservoir the drinking water is undrinkable. Police response time to Hartsel is 48 minutes. After speaking with residents, I found a few ranchers willing to part or find a cooperative solution to designating 2,000 acres of land in Hartsel as Federal Wilderness Land to earn extra tax incentive dollars to help with their fight to become incorporated and receive necessary grants to mend these many problems. I support the people of Hartsel with finding a viable solution to these many issues. I will also be investigating potential ways of aiding land owners who initially were sold vast land at affordable pricing without being given the necessary information on building codes, cost of construction, and cost of living this deep in the Rockies. No one argues that living isolated is rough and tough, but it shouldn't be impossible.    

  • Affordable Housing. By my estimates, it will cost $12.5 billion to construct the necessary affordable housing required for Colorado's 250,000 residents currently without it. Having to pay an unfairly higher percentage of your income towards rent than your stately neighbors can drastically reduce the amount of opportunity you can afford to grant your children as they prepare for adulthood. It kneecaps a new families ability to save 10% of their annual income which is necessary to stave off the possibility of debt and open the doorway to social mobility. We must invest in robust affordable housing that won't become dilapidated after a decade or so. Affordable housing projects should also include green energy and feature energy efficient designs to not only decrease the cost of living, but generate less pollution providing cleaner air/water/land for all.  


"In order to make the policy outlined above law, your donation is required today. Your donation gives my candidacy the ability to operate without the need of super PAC's and big business blowhards. My only special interest is the American people." -Brandon R. Bocchino CO-05



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